Week 1 – Telling Others (Questions)

1) Which is the most important part of your testimony (or witness) – The facts of your conversion OR being excited about it?

2) Do you find it easier to tell your family and friends OR total strangers about your faith in Christ?  Why?

3) Read I Peter 3 verses 15 & 16 – (a) How can I make sure I’m prepared with an answer about my faith in Christ, when I’m asked?, (b) What is the difference between showing ‘gentleness’ to people and simply being a ‘coward’?

4) What would you say is our greatest motivation for witnessing to Christ – (a) Christ’s command, (b) The need for people to hear the ‘good news’ of salvation, (c) The subject of the ‘good news’ Himself?

5) When I find myself busy, which is the key issue in ‘telling others’ – (a) Praying for them, (b) Showing loving kindness to them, (c) Giving them a ‘straight’ challenge about their need for salvation?


Read the passage: John 1 verses 35 – 42

1) John the Baptist had no hesitation in pointing out the Lord Jesus as the ‘Lamb of God’ – what is the best way for us to ‘point Him out’ in our cultural setting? (v 36)

2) When you became a follower of the Lord Jesus did you expect to be telling others about Him? (v 38)

3) ‘Spending the day with Jesus’ is a privilege for Christians.  How big an influence is the Lord Jesus in your life? (v 39)

4) Andrew was keen to introduce his brother to the Lord Jesus.  How keen are we to do the same?  What is our biggest hindrance? (v 41)

5) In ‘bringing people to Jesus’, what is the extent of our role?  What is NOT included in our role?