Welcome to Manor Road Evangelical Church! 

We are always excited that people want to share in our church family – everyone is welcome. Daily life looks different for each of us. We come from a range of different social and economic backgrounds. We come from a variety of different cultures and countries. We come from different family backgrounds. We are an odd mix of people to find in one place, but so was the New Testament church. We share one thing in common – we’ve all had our lives changed by the risen Jesus. Church for us is wonderfully special because Jesus has brought us together with one command – to love one another.   

If that doesn’t describe you yet; you’re not sure what to make of Jesus, or you’re just exploring questions of life and faith, we are definitely for you. Don’t panic! You wont be the only one in our community engaging with those questions, and we want to offer a gracious and loving space for you to delve deeper. 

Manor Road is a vibrant, warm and compassionate church family situated in the north of Guildford. Whilst this site will give a glimpse of what our church community looks like, the best way to understand who we are, and better yet, who Jesus is, is to come and visit. 

We look forward to meeting you! 

Know the Lord Jesus 

As a church family we believe that knowing Jesus is the most important thing in life. To know that Jesus’ death and resurrection are world changing, and each of us know Jesus as a personal Saviour.

Grow in our Faith 

We believe Jesus calls us to be fruitful in our lives. That knowing Jesus changes us. The more we know Jesus, the more we are changed to be more like him. We believe that a church family is important to personal growth. 

Show the Lord Jesus

We believe that the church is missional by design – that it was from it’s conception given a purpose to take the message of the death and resurrection of Jesus to the ends of the Earth. We as a church family want our friends, family and neighbours to know Jesus as their personal Saviour. 

Everything we do as a church family is committed to knowing, growing in and showing to others the love of Jesus.