Week 8 – The Lord’s Supper (Questions)

Please read the passage: Luke 22 vv 14 – 20 (p101)

1) Is there significance in the fact that the Lord Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper on the occasion of the Passover?  If so what are the lessons to be drawn?

2) What are the helpful comparisons and contrasts between the Passover and the Lord’s Supper?

3) Why did the Lord Jesus focus on the Bread and Cup rather than the Meat (after all the Lamb is typical of the sacrifice He was about to make)?


Please read the passage: I Corinthians 11 vv 17 – 34 (p203)

4) Verses 17 – 22 talk about a meal as a ‘back-drop’ to the Lord’s Supper.  Would such a setting be helpful today?

5) Paul was disappointed about the ‘divisions’,  ‘inequalities’ and general lack of love evidenced in this New Testament Church.  Would he have the same concerns about our local church?  What are the solutions in such situations? (vv 17 – 22)

6) Because we are to ‘proclaim the Lord’s death’ (v 26) – does that mean that other aspects of the person of the Lord (His life, resurrection, ascension etc.) are NOT appropriate for consideration and contemplation in this meeting?

7) Because it’s a ‘proclamation’ of the Lord’s death’ should we encourage Non Christians to attend?

8) When would I be ‘eating’ or ‘drinking’ unworthily, and what does it mean to be ‘guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord’? (v 27)

9) When and how should I examine myself, so that I am not guilty of ‘eating and drinking judgement on myself’? (vv 28 & 29)

10) Does the warning about ‘being weak, sick and falling asleep’ still apply today?

11) Does verse 33 mean that we should wait for everyone to arrive before commencing the Lord’s Supper?  If not what does it mean


General Questions and Observations


11) To what extent have we (like many other churches) built up ‘traditions’ around this meeting?  Which of these are helpful and which are a hindrance?

12) Some churches have ‘the Lord’s Supper’ as part of a general ‘Worship and / or Teaching Meeting is this scriptural?  Would it be helpful for us?

13) What can we do to make ‘the Lord’s Supper’ more pleasing to Him?