Week 8 – The Lord’s Supper


A thing that Jesus wants us to do regularly

Also called ‘Breaking of Bread’, ‘Holy Communion’, ‘Eucharist’


Inaugural Occasion Luke 22 vv 19,20 (p101)

Jesus Christ introduces the feast personally

The significance of the bread explained

The significance of the cup explained

Do this in remembrance of me


Early Practice Acts 2 vv 41,42 (p140)

Those who accepted the message were baptised

They were added to the existing disciples

They devoted themselves to four specific things


Getting It Right 1 Corinthians 11 vv 17-29 (p203)

The distinctive nature of the supper

The equality of the participants

The unity of purpose

The proclamation of the Lord’s death

Until he comes

Preparation for participation



Do this in remembrance of me

They devoted themselves

Proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes