Week 7 – Baptism (Questions)

Please read the passage: Acts 8 vv 36 – 39 (p149)


1) To what extent should a local church ‘wait’ for new believers to request baptism and to what extent do they have a responsibility to challenge people to be baptised?


2) The Ethiopian was saved and then baptised virtually immediately.  Should we seek to do the same?  Are there legitimate reasons for MAKING people wait?


3) The Ethiopian was not baptised and then received into the fellowship of a local church (because of the circumstances that day).  Why should a baptised believer immediately join a local church?


Please read the passage: Matthew 28 vv 18 – 20 (p39)


4) What is the meaning and significance of having the ‘authority’ of the Lord Jesus for anything we do?


5) The Lord Jesus said: ‘Go’, ‘make disciples’, ‘baptise’ and ‘teach’.  Which of these is the most difficult to do in our modern society?  Which is the most important?  Which are we, as a local church best at / worst at and why?


6) What do you understand by the promise of the Lord Jesus to be with us to the ‘end of the age’?

Please read the passage: Romans 6 vv 1 – 14 (p182)


7) Did I die to sin: when I was born again or when I was baptised? (vv 1 & 2)


8) What does it mean to be ‘baptised into the death of the Lord Jesus’? (v 3)


9) Compare and contrast the new life we have in Christ with the resurrection of the Lord Jesus?  (v 4)


10) How do verses 5 – 7 work out in practice?  What is going on if a Christian continues to be ‘enslaved by sin’?


11) Verses 8 – 10 speak about ‘living with Him’ and ‘living to God’.  Are these two different things?  What do they really mean?


12) Please give me some practical advice on how NOT ‘to give my body to sin’ and how ‘to give it to righteousness’? (vv 11 – 13)


13) Do you have any thoughts on the references to law & grace? (v 14)