Week 7 – Baptism


Only God and you know how well you are doing.

God has something practical for us to do that everybody can see.

What is baptism? Acts 8 v 36 – 39 (p149)

The total immersion of a person in water at their request.

The person who baptises also goes into the water.


Who should be baptised? Acts 8 v 12 (p148)

Men and women who believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ personally.


Why should we baptise? Matthew 28 v 18 – 20 (p39)

One of the last instructions given by Jesus before He went back to heaven.


What does baptism signify? Romans 6 v 1 – 4 (p182)

Belief in and dependence on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Determination to ‘kill off’ our old sinful life and live a new life under His management.


When should a believer be baptised?

After becoming a Christian.

Having had baptism’s significance explained.

When a local church can accommodate it.

At a time when as many relatives, friends, neighbours and colleagues can attend. Sooner rather than later.



A God-given command.

An opportunity to serve Him and witness to others.

We will go on our way rejoicing.