Week 6 – Fruit Bearing (Questions)

Please read: John 15 vv 1 – 17 (p129) Abiding in Christ


1) v4 Gives the picture of a trunk and a branch – How are the two inter related?


2) v4 What does it mean to remain (or abide) in the vine? – Please explain how this works in practice.


3) v16 Talks about bearing fruit – What is the key to ‘bearing fruit’? and what is ‘fruit that will last’?


4) v5 Talks about ‘bearing MORE fruit’ – What is the key point being made here? And why is it so important that we remember that ‘apart from Christ we can do nothing’?


5) v2 Talks about ‘bearing MUCH fruit’ – What is necessary for this to happen and what does that imply for you and me?


6) v2 Talks about branches being cut off if they do NOT bear fruit and v7 talks about ‘withered branches’ being burned.  Does that mean that I will lose my salvation if I do not bear fruit?  If it doesn’t mean that, what does it mean?


7)  v7 Is a fantastic promise.  Why doesn’t it seem to work in practice?


8) v10 Talks about obeying Christ’s commands to remain in His love.  Does this mean He stops loving us if we stop obeying Him?  If not what does it mean?


9) v12 & v17 Put a very strong emphasis on us ‘Loving each other’.  Why does Christ put such weight on the need for us to love one another?  Please give some practical examples of how we can make this happen?


Please read: Galatians 5 vv 16 – 26 (p224) The Fruit of the Spirit


10) What does it mean to: v16 ‘LIVE BY THE SPIRIT’?  v18 be ‘LED BY THE SPIRIT’? v25 ‘KEEP IN STEP WITH THE SPIRIT’?


11) vv22 & 23 Talk about the FRUIT of the Spirit (singular).  Does that mean that ALL these characteristics should be seen in ALL Christians?  What should I do if I struggle to evidence these characteristics in my life?


12) We have said nothing about ‘bearing fruit’ in the sense of ‘leading’ other people to Christ.  Does this come under this heading?  How can I be more effective in this?