Week 5 – Good Works (Questions)

Please read the passage: Matt 5 vv 13 – 16 


1) v 14 Who is the ‘Light of the World’ – Jesus, the Church or the Individual Believer – what is the picture of ‘light’ supposed to convey?


2) v 16 How do you find people react to good works done to / for them?


3) v 16 Do you know examples of people beginning to ‘praise God’ because of a Christian’s good work(s)?


4) v 13 What can we learn from the illustration of SALT?


Please read the passage: I Tim 6 vv 17 – 19 (p250) Do Good


5) v 18 What is your reaction to the command ‘To Do Good’?


6) v 18 How was the Lord Jesus ‘rich in good deeds’?  How can you and I be?


Please read the passage: II Tim 3 vv 14 – 17 (p253)

Thoroughly equipped


7) v 17 In what sense does God’s word ‘thoroughly equip us for EVERY good work’?


Please read the passage: James 2 vv 14 – 24 (p271)

Faith & Works in Conflict?


8) v 14 Do you know people who try to demonstrate faith without works? – What do you make of them? – How do others react to them?


9) v 18 How are you showing your faith by your deeds? – What do you find easy to do to show your faith?  What do you find hard to do to show your faith?


10) v 15 Is it only the welfare of ‘brothers & sisters’ that is my concern?


11) v 16 Give some practical ways of showing real concern for ALL those in need?


12) v 16 How possible is it to show practical concern as we hear of needs around us or in other countries?


Please read the passage: James 4 v 17 (p273)

Good Works & Sinning


13) v 17 What do you make of this verse?