Week 4 – Dealing with the opposition (Questions)

Please read the passage: John 15 vv 18 – 21 (p129)

Jesus was persecuted


1) In what senses did the world hate the Lord Jesus (apart from the cross)?


2) How does the world show its hatred of Christians?


Please read the passage: I Peter 5 vv 8 & 9 (p278)

Christians throughout the world are suffering


3) To what extent is the ‘roaring Lion’ picture of the devil prevalent, today?

(a) in the U.K., (b) in other parts of the world?


4) Please give some practical examples of how to ‘resist the devil’.


Please read the passage: Matthew 5 vv 10 – 12 (p5)

People were persecuted before You


5) To what extent do Christians bring persecution on themselves?


6) Please give some examples to illustrate what it means to be persecuted for the sake of righteousness?


Please read the passage: I Corinthians 10 vv 12 & 13 (p201 & 202)

God provides a way out


7) Can you give examples of when you or others were very vulnerable to ‘attacks’?


8) How can we avoid being vulnerable to ‘attacks’?


9) How would you counsel someone who repeatedly gives in to the same temptation? How can God play a part in such a situation?


Please read the passage: II Thessalonians 3 v 3 (p245)

The Lord is Faithful


10) What examples do you have of God’s faithfulness?


11) To what extent is God’s faithfulness limited by our faithlessness OR sinfulness?


Please read the passage: I John 4 vv 4 – 6 (p284)

The One in You is Greater than the One in the World


12) We’d all agree that God is ALL POWERFUL why then are we NOT ALWAYS victorious in our daily living?  AND How can we live more victorious lives?